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We deliver best-in-class service dedicated to the comfort and enjoyment of our guests in all we do. Our associates are agents of change for the betterment of their communities. We fulfill our promises to business partners and each other through collaborative planning, inspired effort and accountability to our goals.

Geis Hospitality brings years of valuable experience in the hospitality industry from a litany of respected companies and a myriad of
focus areas. Our employees have, in many cases, spent their entire careers devoted to mastering the intricacies of the hospitality industry; what works and what does not. Having honed their leadership skills in some of the top ranked hotels and restaurants in the country, our
Executive Team brings an arsenal of hospitality knowledge steeped in tradition, with an eagerness to define a new guest experience
for the 21st Century. In addition to our specialized hospitality proficiency, Geis Hospitality's parent company, Geis Companies, brings
decades of business expertise in property design, financing and management. By having all of these resources under one roof, our speed
to market, quality and experience of bringing in projects on time and under budget eliminates the construction risk and makes us the
perfect choice for your asset.


Geis Companies, founded by Erwin Geis in 1967, now managed by son Greg, has continued to grow their scope of capabilities and core competencies. Applying the same level of professionalism that the Geis Companies have done on hundreds of real estate ventures, Geis Companies created a hospitality company to not only oversee the management of The Metropolitan at The 9 in Cleveland, but also manage its other urban, mixed-use hotel projects, bars and restaurants in Cleveland and around the country. Geis Hospitality Group is a full-service hospitality management company offering innovative, yet proven, expertise in hotel development, branding, concept creation, design coordination, project management, deal financing, hotel and free standing restaurant, bar and night club operations, marketing,

e-commerce, revenue management and financial reporting.


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